It can be a daunting challenge when considering how to go about trying to make a change in your company culture. However, whether you’re the CEO or an entry-level employee, anyone can influence their company culture by following these steps.

Set an Example for Those Around You

When attempting to influence those around you, one of the most powerful ways to do so is to be the change you wish to see in the workplace. Make sure that those around you feel safe and welcomed and that you validate everyone’s opinions and ideas so everyone feels better after interacting with you.

Don’t Let Bad Behavior Go Unnoticed

The common phrase “If you see something, say something” has never been more true. If you witness dishonest or toxic behavior in the workplace, it’s important to report it to your boss or the human resources department. By doing so, there will be an understanding throughout your office culture that negative behavior and attitudes will not be tolerated.

Congratulate Others on Their Hard Work

If you have an opportunity to congratulate or give credit to a coworker, take advantage of it. In doing so you can create an atmosphere where people lift each other up and appreciate one another’s work.

Make a Point to Include Everyone

Do you typically get lunch with the same coworkers each day? Are there people in the office you have yet to talk to? Make a point to foster a culture of inclusion in your office by inviting people to eat lunch who you typically wouldn’t. Clique culture can be a toxic problem in office culture if it goes unresolved.

Do a Good Job!

It may sound simple, but the most powerful way to make an impact in your company culture is to do good work. When you show your coworkers how dedicated you are to your profession, they will inevitably feel inspired to do the same!


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